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                  Transmille Ltd. was started in 1997 and very unusually in the                            same year became a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory due to    previous experience & history. Their first product was software to control the unit under test (UUT) calibration. Transmille produced their first Multi- Product calibrator (2040) in 1998 and has grown rapidly over the last few years, establishing representative organisation throughout the world.

Transmille’s great strength is as a working commercial calibration house they have day to day calibration problems to solve - this has produced a range of innovative calibrators and products that seriously challenge the dominance of our American competitor.

Many metrologists think there is no alternative to the single dominance within the market place - they have yet to see Transmille products!

3000 Series Multi-Product Calibrators A new range of Multiproduct calibrators to suit any workload and budget

3200/3100 Electrical test (16th edition) calibrators.  Calibrate Insulation (to 5kV with Active Guard) RCD, LOOP & Portable Appliance Testers Hipot / Breakdown calibrator adaptor.

Calibration Software ProCal and ProCal Track  These can be used separately. ProCal controls UUT and reference(s) for semi or fully automatic calibration. ProCal Track is managemnet software that controls all of the paperwork, labels etc. from customer to cal lab and back to the customer.

Standards Transmille has produced a range of DCV, Resistance and Current shunts for the Standards laboratory

Bench/HandHeld Instruments Programmable Resistance Box, Handheld V/I Calibrator

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8000 Series Digital Multimeters Two DMM’s developed for the metrologist with extra functions normally needed in most labs