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Solutions in Calibration

WorkPlace Training  is an American Company, based in Minnesota, USA specialising in producing a series of CD's  for computer based training for precision measurement, calibration and metrology.

With modern legislation such as ISO 9000 or more importantly ISO 17025, more emphasis  today is  placed on the laboratory manager to ensure staff are adequately trained, whether they are accredited laboratory or not. Whilst there are several courses  available from many National Labs. (NMI’s) and other reputable institutions, these can be expensive in both time and money, especially with the limited resources available to most companies today. Click here for further information

Transmille Ltd, set up in 1997,  is a UK company manufacturing a range of multi-product calibrators and calibration software, for the commercial cal lab to the corporate labs and industry in general. They offer a cost effective, turnkey solution, in both hardware and software, for today’s metrologists.

They have a full UKAS accredited lab for DC-Lf electrical metrology and have capability for temperature, mechanical and pressure calibrations. Click here for further information

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Our Products

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