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Transmille has released a new version of their very popular ProCal and ProCal Track - Version 4.0. Also added are ProSales, ProSite (that allows portable calibration data being taken back to the main server)

MeasureTech is please to announce a large order from ASAP calibration for the complete set of WorkPlace Training Courses to be used on each of their sites in the UK for training their calibration engineers and technicians

Transmille has launching 2 Digital Multimeters that are aimed at the calibration laboratory and any other applications that require high accurracy, resolution and low noise.

The two models (8081 & 8071) not only have the “normal” functions one would expect on an 8.5 digit multimeter but can also measure Resistance to 1Teraohm and AC/DC current to 30 amperes, Pressure and Temperature.

Being fully calibrated automatically Transmille once again achieves the ultimate with a low cost of ownership

Transmille has launched a range of “Intelligent” Resistor standards that  can “self correct” knowing their drift over time

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