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Exclusive Homes Rental

Exclusive Homes Rental is essentially a collection of friends and acquaintances started in 2004 to provide a means for people owning high quality houses or apartments to rent out to individuals or families

There are summer and winter properties - and even “main” private residences renting (while occupants take their own holiday) enabling a cost effective solution for all. Most houses are rented or hired for the week, but some can be hired for a less (and of course greater) period, some even for the night only.

If you know somebody that might be interested to rent or indeed willing to rent out their own accommodation please pass on the website address.

Olive Grove Farm, Serramonacesca, Near Pescara, Italy situated in 4+ acres with astounding views in all directions, a 12m swimming pool, 3 bedrooms and 20 min from Adriatic and 40 min from mountains (2700 metres). Click Here