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                                                      MeasureTech Ltd  was started

                        by Kevin  Fielding in 1999. Kevin was originally

                      with Datron (Wavetek) for over 21 years in

                     various positions to International Sales Manager.

               He left Datron in 1999 to start MeasureTech, initially

         to represent Datron in the UK.

      Unfortunately in 2001 Datron was purchased by their

  American competitor and 99.9% of all world Representatives lost their contract and so the business direction of MeasureTech were radically changed to essentially providing a sales & marketing consultancy service, mainly for export activities.

Graduating with an honours degree in Applied Physics from Brunel University in 1971, Kevin spent several years in Marconi Avionics (now BAe), Rochester as a design engineer and then into technical sales with ITT Instrument Services, before joining Datron in 1978, and so has a wealth of experience in instrumentation and metrology international markets in both Sales and Marketing, and in the selection, management and support of Representatives, giving technical seminars and visiting many world customers in metrology. He has gained knowledge of most countries cultures and has a detailed, personal knowledge of many of their local Representatives.

MeasureTech can be used as  a consultant company to set up and/or manage your International Sales, either long term or for short term projects.

A further aspect of MeasureTech is the range of products available for sale in the UK and foreign metrology markets, ranging from top standards, calibrators  and software to metrology training CD’s  in general calibration.

Kathryn Wilson retired in 2009 after 22 years of teaching Business Studies, Law and ICT to A Level and just qualified in book keeping and so introducing a new aspect to MeasureTech activities.

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